CGT Site Screen

CGT Site Screen

Very heavy-duty yet versatile social distancing screen for use on construction sites and other harsh environments. The CGT Site screen can be fixed or mobile and can stand alone or be linked together to form a continuous screen.

Construction sites are harsh environments and have several specific challenges in the current climate of social distancing.


Site entry & egress points, walkways, personnel portals and multiple trade working areas all require suitable social distancing measures and the CGT Site Screen has been specifically designed to provide effective isolation measures in these situations.


With a heavy-duty base and high visibility paint finish, the screen will provide effective personnel movement and containment in the harshest of environments.


With the ability to stand alone or link together in multiple formats the CGT Site Screen provides a simple yet effective containment solution that can be flexed and modified to suit the rapidly changing requirements of construction sites.


Height 1900mm
Width 1000mm