CGT Gym Screen

CGT Gym Screen

The CGT Gym Screen is a social distancing screen designed specifically to protect users of gyms and leisure centres. The larger size completely separates even larger gym equipment and provides a space where gym users can exercise safely. The partition uses twin-wall Polycarbonate, providing the added stability and durability needed for a gym environment.

The infill is a more durable and rigid twin-wall polycarbonate that has the added benefit of hiding the effect of condensation that can build up in exercise areas.  Both the infill and the frame are easily wiped down.


A major benefit of the CGT Gym Screen is the ability to link the social distancing screens together to form modular pods around the gym equipment. This both adds to both the stability and also the aesthetics of the system.


The screens are lightweight despite being larger than standard, so are easily moved around where needs change.


The CGT Gym Screen is 2250mm high as standard, a height designed to protect users when they're using gym equipment such as treadmills. There are two width options - 1100mm or 2250mm, depending on the application in mind.


  Small Large
Width 1100mm 2150mm
Height 2250mm 2250mm

Frequently asked questions

What are your lead times?

Our current lead times for standard screens are 10-15 working days, to be confirmed at point of order. A stable supply chain and in-house manufacturing enable us to expedite urgent orders in some cases. If you would like an indicative lead time for a bespoke product before ordering, then we're happy to help: contact the team here

Can I have bespoke size screens?

In short, yes! Although our standard screens do come in standard sizes, we can easily manufacture to bespoke sizes. As a rough guide, we wouldn't normally go more than 3m in width or height, but anything within that is fine. Bigger screens may sometimes need bespoke feet for stability, and all bespoke sizes will need a bespoke quote.

Can I have bespoke colours?

Again, yes that is easily achievable - we can coat the aluminium frames of any of the protective screens to any RAL colour. It won't impact the lead time but will need a bespoke quotation. We can also offer bespoke manifestations on the clear infills, and bespoke colours on the opaque infills.

Are there minimum order quantities or values?

At the moment, no. It is possible in the future that we may need to apply an MOQ to some of the products in the future, but for now you can order just one unit if that's all you need.

Can you come to site to survey?

Yes, we're happy to attend a site survey if you're looking for some advice on the best way to implement social distancing measures. We ask for floor-plans and pictures before we do attend though, as we can often reach a solution without physically attending site.

How sturdy are the screens?

More than sturdy enough! The Polycarbonate infill is 25x stronger than perspex and acrylic, and the aluminium frame adds further durability. The flat feet are 400mm long, providing more than enough stability for a standard height partition. On larger screens, we can offer bespoke feet to add further stability.

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