Social Distancing in the Workplace: Your Complete Guide

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

CGT Commercial Screen

After a number of weeks with the majority of businesses being either completely closed or at least with the majority of staff working remotely, many organisations are starting to consider what measures would need to be in place to safely re-open.

This is where the relatively new concept of workplace social distancing becomes an important factor.

Ensuring that every member of staff keeps at least 2m apart can appear on the surface to be almost impossible to some organisations, especially where collaborative work is a key part of a role.

There are however a number of steps that can be taken that put effective social distancing in the workplace within reach, and may pave the way to the nation beginning to return to work:


Workplace Layout

Physical barriers are one of the most useful tools in making workplace social distancing feasible.

Full-height perspex screens can be used to divide corridors, open working areas, canteens, in essence, any area that would normally have had an unrestricted flow of people through.

The CGT Commercial Screen is a modular solution to this challenge. The social distancing screen can optionally have costers, which allows the rapid deployment of social distancing measures, even across very large facilities.

It's also worth looking into hygiene measures you can deploy on and around desks. In very few workplaces is it going to be practical to rearrange the desks so that they're at least 2m apart, but there are other options available:

desk social distancing screen
CGT Desk Screen

The CGT Desk Screen is an innovative product that ensures members of staff are safely isolated from their colleagues without having to physically separate the desks.


Make use of IT to allow social distancing

The abrupt move to remote working has led to the mass adoption of new technology, such as virtual meetings, instant messaging, collaborative working, and much more.

Using the technology available to you will make achieving effective social distancing at work much easier.

Ensuring as many staff as possible have access to laptops and are able to use the software will mean you can alternate what employees come to work and even where they work when they're within your facilities.


Schedule or stagger the workforce where possible

Providing flexible working hours or staggering shifts wherever the nature of the role allows will reduce the number of staff that need to be in one area at a time.

Social distancing at work can also be aided by staggering or phasing a return to work, with the staff that need to at the physical facilities returning first.

Ensuring workstations are unoccupied for longer also means they can be thoroughly sanitised more often, again reducing the chances of transmission from employee to employee.


How CGT Screens can assist

CGT Screens are UK manufacturers of social distancing protective screens for a number of applications, including commercial premises.

We manage the entire manufacturing process in-house, so are able to assist with any bespoke requirements your application may have.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.