CGT Industrial Screens Provide Protection in Production Facility

social distancing screens for factories
CGT Industrial Screens In-Situ

The CGT Industrial Screen has recently been used to provide protection for production staff operatives in a factory.

The client needed the screens to separate workers working alongside each other, and also to separate between the staff from the people flow routes within the facilities.

The Industrial Screens were supplied with braked heavy-duty castors, allowing the social distancing screens to be moved around the facilities when requirements change, and then locked in place when in use.

CGT Industrial Screen with Heavy-Duty Castors
CGT Industrial Screen with Heavy-Duty Castors

The 4mm transparent Polycarbonate infill means the screens are not imposing for the operative.

Polycarbonate is also 25x stronger than Perspex or acrylic, and won't crack, even on impact, making the CGT Industrial Screen robust and durable enough for production environments

The bold red frames make the screens highly visible in the busy production environment, reducing the risk of trips or accidents.

CGT Industrial Screens In-situ
CGT Industrial Screens In-Situ

The CGT Industrial Screen also has the added advantage of needing no on-site assembly, meaning production facilities can have social distancing measures much quicker without spending extra time or expense on on-site install.

The client was so pleased with the effectiveness of the CGT Industrial Screen that they have implemented a second batch into another area of the production facilities!

CGT Industrial Screen In-Situ
CGT Industrial Screen In-Situ

To discuss your requirements, and how CGT Screens can assist with your production facilities, contact the team at


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