Aesthetic Protection

CGT Screens can be completely configured to suit the look and feel of the environment they are going into. The aluminium frames can be coated to any RAL colour, allowing you to match your reception desk or corporate branding.

The size of the screens can be bespoke configured as well, allowing you to ensure that the screens provide total protection, no matter the height or width of the reception desk.

Tailor-Made Solutions

CGT social distancing screens can be completely bespoke to suit your specific requirements. Sections of the screen can be raised above the surface of the desk to allow documents to be passed underneath.

Bespoke clamping systems are also available to clamp around the front, sides or back of the desk, proving added stability to the system.

Stable & Durable

The reception social distancing screen can be clamped down to the edge of the desk, securing it in place. On larger desks, the separate screens can also be fixed together, both parallel screens, and the returns, holding the whole screen together.

CGT Screens also use Polycarbonate as standard, which is 25x stronger than the more common Perspex and acrylic and will not crack or shatter even on impact.

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