Protective Desk Screens

The main challenge many businesses are facing when trying to bring staff back to work is how to seperate the desks up. CGT Screens have developed a range of systems to assist, from simple dividers to fully clamped desk pods.

The desk dividers can protect both in front of desk users, and to the sides. The social distancing screens for offices can be free-standing on the desks, or clamped down for added stability.

Free-Standing Screens

The CGT Commercial Screen has been designed for use in commercial office spaces. The extruded aluminium frame adds both the aesthetics and the stability of the screen.

The free-standing screen can be used to separate between rows of desks, or even joined together to split corridors and create queuing systems.

Durable & Aesthetic

All CGT Screens use a lightweight extruded aluminium, adding stability to the screens. The frames can also be coated any RAL colour to match corporate branding.

The protective screen is Polycarbonate, which is 25x stronger than Perspex and acrylic, proving a long-term solution. The screens can also be half glazed and half opaque, or even have manifestations applied.

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