Seperating Gym Equipment

The CGT Gym screen has been designed to separate gym equipment and users. The gym social distancing screen is larger than standard protective screens to ensure total protection.

The feet of the gym screen are large enough to provide ample stability, yet small enough to fit neatly between equipment. The extruded aluminium frames provide yet more stability to the system, without adding unnecessary weight.

Modular Linking System

The CGT Gym Screen is a modular system, with the ability to link the screens together to form longer barriers, or pods around equipment or specific areas in a gym. The screens easily link and unlink, making the social distancing screens easily redeployable around a gym.

The linking system joins both the feet via a linking foot, and a linking staple joins the tops of the screens together, providing a completely stable solution.

Durable & Practical

The CGT Gym Screen uses a 10mm twin-wall Polycarbonate as standard, which has a number of benefits, including being much more rigid than standard 4mm Polycarbonate, and also being significantly lighter.

This means that even at a much larger size, the social distancing screens remain sturdy and lightweight enough to be easily moved around a gym or leisure centre.

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