Social Distancing Screens for Factories

Social Distancing Screens for factories need to be both durable and modular. CGT Screens have designed the CGT Industrial Screen specifically for use in production facilities and warehouses, with a focus on durability and modularity.

UK Manufacture

Bespoke Solutions Available

10-15 Day Lead-Times

Seperating Workstations

The CGT Industrial Screen's primary use has been to place between two or more staff at workstations, or along a workbench. The screens are 1900mm high and 1190mm wide as standard, providing a large enough area to provide complete protection.

The social distancing screens can also be provided with heavy-duty castors, allowing the screens to be easily moved up and down a workbench as required. The screens can also be fixed to the ground if mobility is not required.

Top-Level Extensions

A unique feature of the CGT Industrial Screen is the optional add-on of an eye-level extension. The extensions are designed to extend over a workbench or production line, and provide a protective screen between two or more workers.

The extensions can be a bespoke size, depending on the specific application. They can also be attached to both sides of the screen, or even at right angles to the social distancing screen if needed.

Mobile & Modular

The CGT Industrial Screen can have heavy-duty castors attached, allowing the social distancing screens to be moved around a production facility or warehouse as needed.

The screens can also be linked together via a linking foot at the bottom and a linking staple at the top. This allows them to be used to form pods around a specific area, or longer barriers and queueing systems.

'We have recently purchased CGT's Floor Standing Social Distancing Screens and are extremely impressed with the turnaround time, the quality of the product and the level of customer service we got.
They look good and make staff feel safe at work - thank you'

Jade Pluck, Holdsworth Designs

UK Manufacture

Bespoke Solutions Available

10-15 Day Lead-Times

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