Social Distancing Screens, Partitions and Barriers

Protect your staff

Maintain social distancing within your workspace with these floor standing social distancing screens.

Prevent Contamination

Wipeable and easy to clean, these social distancing partitions help to prevent contamination from sneezes and coughs.

Queue Management

Provide queue management with this flexible social distancing screen system, allowing you to keep trading safely.

CGT Commercial Social Distancing Screen

Modular & Flexible 

CGT Social Distancing Screens can be linked together to form a barrier or queuing system. The screens can be linked either in a straight line or around corners, opening up a multitude of possibilities.

The screens can also be supplied with castors, allowing them to be easily redeployed as needed, and also to open and close exits/entrances to buildings.

Aesthetic & Durable

CGT Screens frames are manufactured from light-weight extruded aluminium, giving them a clean, unobtrusive appearance, and providing a light-weight yet durable end product.

The social distancing partitions also use polycarbonate, which is 25x stronger than acrylic, and won't shatter, even on impact, making them suitable for more robust environments such as construction sites.

Social distancing partition for offices
anti-viral social distancing partition

Anti-Viral Coating

All CGT Protective Screens can be coated with an anti-viral finish, which is laboratory-certified to kill viruses 66% faster than non-treated surfaces.

The coating does not degrade over time or with being cleaned, making the social distancing barriers suitable for medical applications such as hospitals and waiting rooms, as well as more standard commercial environments, such as hairdressers, salons, barbers or restaurants.


CGT Social Distancing Screens can come with a top-level extension to provide partitioning over workbenches and production lines, for use in factories, warehouses and production lines.

The extension can also be used on both sides to increase the surface area of the screen, and can even be mounted at right-angles to the protective screen for more bespoke applications.

extension for social distancing screen
Social distancing screens in a commercial office environment

Bespoke & Tailored

CGT Screen's in-house design and production facilities mean bespoke requirements can easily be facilitated, in most cases, without impacting the lead times.

This can be something as simple as a bespoke colour or branding, through to entirely bespoke protective screen design, including bespoke sizes, infills, feet, clamping systems, and more.


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