Social Distancing Screens, Partitions and Barriers

Protect your staff

Maintain social distancing within your workspace with these floor standing social distancing screens.

Prevent Contamination

Wipeable and easy to clean, these social distancing partitions help to prevent contamination from sneezes and coughs.

Queue Management

Provide queue management with this flexible social distancing screen system, allowing you to keep trading safely.

Modular & Flexible 

CGT Social Distancing Screens can be linked together to form a barrier or queuing system. The screens can be linked either in a straight line or around corners, opening up a multitude of possibilities.

The screens can also be supplied with castors, allowing them to be easily redeployed as needed, and also to open and close exits/entrances to buildings.

Aesthetic & Durable

CGT Screens frames are manufactured from light-weight extruded aluminium, giving them a clean, unobtrusive appearance, and providing a light-weight yet durable end product.

The social distancing partitions also use polycarbonate, which is 25x stronger than acrylic, and won't shatter, even on impact, making them suitable for more robust environments such as construction sites.

Anti-Viral Coating

All CGT Protective Screens can be coated with an anti-viral finish, which is laboratory-certified to kill viruses 66% faster than non-treated surfaces.

The coating does not degrade over time or with being cleaned, making the social distancing barriers suitable for medical applications such as hospitals and waiting rooms, as well as more standard commercial environments, such as hairdressers, salons, barbers or restaurants.


CGT Social Distancing Screens can come with a top-level extension to provide partitioning over workbenches and production lines, for use in factories, warehouses and production lines.

The extension can also be used on both sides to increase the surface area of the screen, and can even be mounted at right-angles to the protective screen for more bespoke applications.

Bespoke & Tailored

CGT Screen's in-house design and production facilities mean bespoke requirements can easily be facilitated, in most cases, without impacting the lead times.

This can be something as simple as a bespoke colour or branding, through to entirely bespoke protective screen design, including bespoke sizes, infills, feet, clamping systems, and more.


Explore the CGT Screens Range of Social Distancing Barriers

Floor-Standing Social Distancing Screens

Desk-Mounted Protective Screens


Social Distancing Screen Applications

A range of bespoke options on the CGT Screens products opens up a wide range of possible applications. Almost every facility looking to re-open in the near future will need some form of social distancing measures in place, and at CGT Screens, we believe we have them all covered, from simple desk dividers and counter sneeze screens, through to larger bespoke screens to separate gym equipment, and to enable social distancing at high-end restaurants.

Commercial Offices

The CGT Commercial Screen has been specifically designed to enable social distancing in commercial office spaces; lightweight and aesthetic aluminium and durable polycarbonate.

The partitions can be linked together to segment corridors, or to split up rows of desks. The free-standing social distancing barriers can also be pushed between desks to separate desk-based workers.

Desk Dividers

The CGT Desk Screen is a protective screen designed to enable social distancing between desk-based workers in office environments.

The desk screen is available as a 3-piece unit, but can also be supplied as individual partitions for added flexibility. The desk screens can be free-standing on the desk or clamped to the edge of the desk for added stability.

Factories & Warehouses

For more industrial applications, the CGT Industrial Screen offers added durability and stability. A solid base and heavy-duty castors mean that the screens can be pushed around without risk of them being damaged or falling over.

The ability to add extensions to the industrial social distancing screens means they can also be used to protect over the top of workbenches and production lines.

Construction Sites

The CGT Site Screen has been created specifically for use on construction sites. A heavy-duty steel base ensures incredible stability and durability and rugged mean the social distancing barrier can be wheeled over any surface without any risk of damage.

The site screen can be used to segment entrances and exits, create queuing systems, or simply two workers who need to work in close proximity.

Hospitals & Waiting Rooms

CGT Screens can offer an anti-viral coating that kills Coronavirus 66% faster than non-coated surfaces and doesn't degrade with cleaning or over time, making the social distancing partitions perfect for deployment in medical applications, such as hospitals, dentists, waiting rooms and more.

Gyms & Leisure Centres

CGT Screens have specifically designed a bespoke partition to separate gym equipment, such as treadmills, cycling machines or rowing machines. 

CGT Gym Screens are larger than standard screens and use a twin-wall polycarbonate for added durability in the gym environment

Receptions Desks & Counters

CGT Screen's desk screen range has been used to great effect on reception desks.  The reception desk screens can either be free-standing on flat feet or clamped around the edge of the desk for added stability.  The screens can also be raised to provide a document gap.

Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes

The CGT Hospitality Screen has been designed for use in hospitality applications, such as restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars.

The range has a wide range of premium infills and frames, allowing users to tailor the social distancing screens to suit their specific aesthetics.

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Who we are

Adapting to a changing world

CGT Screens is an allied company to CGT Security, a leading UK manufacturer of security roller shutters. With the significant changes to markets seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, CGT Security have applied our manufacturing and R&D expertise to the new demand created by social distancing and hygiene measures.

CGT Screens manage the entire production process of protective screens in-house, from initial designs through to manufacture and despatch. This allows us to provide tailor-made solutions to match the unique requirements of each application.


What are your lead times?

Our current lead times for standard screens are 10-15 working days, to be confirmed at point of order. A stable supply chain and in-house manufacturing enable us to expedite urgent orders in some cases. If you would like an indicative lead time for a bespoke product before ordering, then we're happy to help: contact the team here

Can I have bespoke size screens?

In short, yes! Although our standard screens do come in standard sizes, we can easily manufacture to bespoke sizes. As a rough guide, we wouldn't normally go more than 3m in width or height, but anything within that is fine. Bigger screens may sometimes need bespoke feet for stability, and all bespoke sizes will need a bespoke quote.

Can I have bespoke colours?

Again, yes that is easily achievable - we can coat the aluminium frames of any of the protective screens to any RAL colour. It won't impact the lead time but will need a bespoke quotation. We can also offer bespoke manifestations on the clear infills, and bespoke colours on the opaque infills.

Are there minimum order quantities or values?

At the moment, no. It is possible in the future that we may need to apply an MOQ to some of the products in the future, but for now you can order just one unit if that's all you need.

Can you come to site to survey?

Yes, we're happy to attend a site survey if you're looking for some advice on the best way to implement social distancing measures. We ask for floor-plans and pictures before we do attend though, as we can often reach a solution without physically attending site.

How sturdy are the screens?

More than sturdy enough! The Polycarbonate infill is 25x stronger than perspex and acrylic, and the aluminium frame adds further durability. The flat feet are 400mm long, providing more than enough stability for a standard height partition. On larger screens, we can offer bespoke feet to add further stability.

Why CGT Screens?


UK Manufacture

All CGT Social Distancing Screens are manufactured in our Reading-based purpose-built manufacturing facilities, keeping lead-times to a minimum. 

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If you are looking for a bespoke size, colour, infill panel etc we can help.  By manufacturing in-house we can manufacture a bespoke solution to suit your specific application.

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